Apparently U-Boat has brought out a limited edition watch that was created (in design many years ago for the Italian Navy) by Italo Fontana’s grandfather’s watch company! They plan to have this watch at $40,000 dollars retail.  Here is the skinny….

Titanium case and bezel; brass dial; steel charge axis, crown, stop crown lever, stop glass handles, bezel runners, quarters pointers, 5 minutes pointers and strap pivots; German silver hands; case thickness is 18.5 mm; height is 21.8 mm; maximum width is 69.5 mm; water resistant to 400 meters; power reserve is 46 hours; movement is mechanical, hand-winding with 17 rubies; oversized strap is brown “shell cordovan” leather with large titanium buckle. Before final assembly, each watch is assembled without movement or dial and put in an autoclave under 40 bar pressure to verify the press resistance and ermeticity. Sounds like a Unitas movement? WOW. That is a boat load of money! KTTB

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