How to set an Invicta chronograph watch back to zero?

Images from an Invicta instruction manual (page 23)

Sometimes a chronograph watch can get out of whack and it forgets how to return the second hand back to zero correctly. Luckily on a quartz watch, it’s a quick fix if you can find the right sequence.

Here are the instructions for getting the second hand back to zero on Invicta watches. While we cannot guarantee that this process will work for every Invicta chronograph, it will work for most – and will work for many other brands as well.

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Images from an Invicta instruction manual (page 26-27)

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  1. dodge

    worked like a charm. my invicta dealer sent me here, as i was contemplating returning watch for repair. he linked me here & resolved my problem in seconds. hope others will have similar success. invicta; well not quite, eh?

  2. DougM

    I recently acquired an Invicta Subaqua Noma 1 with Valjoux 7750 automatic movement, and have a problem with the chrono’s second hand not resetting to zero. Depending on where I reset it from, it usually overshoots and resets to about “57”. I don’t think this can be corrected in the same way as the quartz chronos. Is there another technique for the automatics?

    • admin

      Hi DougM… you are right, the automatic chronograph watches cannot be reset to zero the same way the quartz ones can. For the automatic to be fixed, you should take it to a watchmaker. The watchmaker will have to remove the entire movement from the case and realign the hand from there and push it down to make sure it’s not loose.

  3. Lyle

    tried the seq. outlined above on my Invictia model #6976 and the first sub dial (min) was adjusted OK. When I pushed the “B” I could not adjust the Hour indicator and the same for the Center second hand.
    Is it possible the there is another seq. for my model?
    cons. No. 112803-141309


      Hi, did you figure it out? You can try to do the above steps but with the crown in different positions. For example, try it with the crown pulled out to Position 1 (date setting) and try it for Position 2 (time setting). Please report back.

  4. Kenneth

    I have chronograph watches of various brands, including Invicta. I have a Invicta Sub Aqua NOMA III 5511: setting it to zero I opened the protective crown gate, unscrewed the crown (Counter clockwise) until it released. I Pulled the crown out to the complete open position. Had the same problem. I unscrewed the base plugs preventing the chronograph buttons from being pushed. When both buttons may be depressed completely I began. Depressed both chronograph button simultaneously for 2 seconds, then I saw the second hand sweep the face. It stopped not resting at the 12:00 position, so I depressed the top chronograph button until the second hand was aligned with the 12:00 position. It was then that I depressed the bottom chronograph button once and it went to the first subdial, I pressed the bottom button again and it moved to the second subdial. I just repeated the process until it was zeroed out.

  5. Bob

    I have a Prodiver and my subdials are not like these. My center second runs all the time. It is model 10503. Can the minute hand be set back to zero?

  6. Mike Robinson

    I found that my Subaqua Noma 1Model 15994, you set the crown to position 1, rather than position 2. Then push and hold button A to set the Center Second hand, and Button B to set the Minute Counter.

    • Andrew Plauger

      This helped sooooo much!! I have the Invicta 22148 and this method worked! Position 2 (pull out one notch) then depress A (1/10th spins) then press or hold B to adjust 1/10 , press A again to switch to the minute counter and use B to adjust then just press A again to switch to center second counter and use Beyer to adjust!!

  7. Brian

    Just received the Invicta 11553 for Christmas and cannot get it into the chronology corrective mode by holding the a and b buttons together with the crown in either the 1 or 2 position. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Ed Osworth

    Thanks so much. Folks, If the top sequence isn’t working look down at Mike Robinson’s comment. I have an Akula Reserve Swiss Made and Mike Robinson’s instructions worked like a charm…

  9. Mojin

    This statement agrees with the model Invicta 0074 Scuba Pro Diver Master of the Oceans’
    thank you

  10. Rob goldenbeld

    Hello good day to you

    I have a invicta Venom reserve model 5729. I can’t manage to reset the chronograph to zero position.

    Any idea how manage this

    Thanks a lot in advance for your advise

    Best regards rob goldenbeld

  11. Art Weigel

    I have a ProDiver model 14082 with an ISA 2321 movement, I can calibrate the 1/10 secandsec hands, but don’t know how to calibrate the min hand Help?

  12. scooby

    Thanks,I have three Invicta watches that the subdials weren’t right.The instructions worked perfectly.It was amazingly easy.Thanks again for saving the day.

  13. James Darby

    I have a pro diver 13629 …. cant get it reset to zero using your manual instructions after a battery change.

  14. Rick Duhrkopf

    I just purchased an Invicta 9224 on a cruise ship. I am home and when I try to reset the time, I cannot pull the crown out. Also, neither the A nor the B buttons seem to be capable of being depressed.

  15. Louis

    I just purchased an Invicta 10011 Russian Diver Watch and my second hand isn’t working but the small second hand IS working and so is the rest of the watch. it also has a little button you can push in right next to the wind up knob but it doesn’t seem to do anything anybody have any advice order of the second hand not even supposed to work?

  16. jackra88itslim

    I have a model 0072 the second hand always runs and now won’t move at all. It sits at the 45 second mark. Everything else works. Help please…….. this is annoying

  17. Gildy Sarquis

    I purchased the F0003 Invicta watch, this is the first Invicta watch I have contact with. I read the manual within the box and the website, though, I’m not being able to enable buttom A. I unscrewed and screw again buttom B and its working fine, however, its not the same with butom A. I’ ve tried to do the same but it seems to be stuck. Can you indicate me what is the correct way to do this? Thank you very much in advance!

  18. Nicholas

    Thank you very much. I was able to reset the position of my second hand thanks to this guide. Great guide!

  19. Jeanette Williams

    I have been trying to set subdials on invicta speedway for some time now. Keeping good time but push buttons won’t depress anymore. Have I tried to set too many times in one day or something? Can jewelry store set for me?

  20. Ken

    Ken Harris
    Worked on model 17882.
    Don’t give up. Repeat process. Also check out YouTube.

  21. Rusty

    I have a Caravelle by Bulova. It not only worked, but adjusted dead zero better than when I bought it new. Thanks. Rusty


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